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Academician Hasan Abdullayev, академик Гасан Абдуллаев - portrait with the background of Momine Khatun
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Selenium chemical properties
Presidium of the Academy of Sciences

Azerbaijani Scientist

Gifted scientist, father of Azerbaijani physics, one of the founders of the school of semiconductor research in the Soviet Union, Hasan B. Abdullaev was born in the tragic moment of massacres (20 August 1918) perpetrated against Azerbaijani people by the invading bands of Armenian general Andronik in Azerbaijan's region of Nakhichevan. Hasan Abdullaev was left an orphan very early on in life. Although that did not hinder him from studying science, literature and music in between with heavy farm labor, which he had to carry out in order to help the remaining members of the family and being able to fulfill the dream of leaving to the capital, Baku, for advanced education.

In Baku, after day-time courses at the university, as a young student he would tutor private lessons in physics, chemistry and math to earn extra money. He would also work in ship loading at night in the port, as well as play on the national radio in the tar ensemble (he learned playing Azerbaijani tar by himself). Upon graduation in 1941, he would go back to native Nakhchivan to teach.

Following would come graduate studies at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics in 1948, and later doctorate dissertation in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) under the mentoring of famous Soviet academician A.G. Ioffe.

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Book about academician Abdullayev in Azerbaijani (2017)

Detailed description of academician Hasan Abdullayev's scientific achievements in English and Russian

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